Medical Bionics Inc. develops and produces 3D mechanical joints for applications in prosthetics, robotics and consumer goods.

About MBI

After fourteen years of intense research and development, MEDICAL BIONICS INC. (MBI), brings two revolutionary joint technologies to the world market. Both technologies, PL and CIVIC, are based on the Robo-Flex™ core and can be applied to revolutionize any robotic or manually operated ball joint system.

Robo-Wrist: Hand prosthesis with Robo-Flex PL technology.


Potential aerospace application of MBI technology. Since 1995, MBI has devoted the use of the Robo-Flex invention to prosthetics; but the use of these technologies can be equally important to many other endeavors including robotics (humanoid robots, robotic manipulator arms), hospital patient positioning and operating theaters, NASA space missions, aviation, military and naval applications as well as camera surveillance systems.
Consumer goods where positioning systems are required can also be improved by incorporating the strong, reliable and continuously adjustable Robo-Flex 3D locking ball joint system. Such products could include flat panel television screens, satellite dish receivers, sunshade umbrellas, and ball joint head supports for camera tri-pods, lighting and loud speaker systems. Consumer goods application of MBI technology.

MEDICAL BIONICS INC. invites interested companies to license the revolutionary Robo-Flex joint positioning technologies for their own product development needs.