Medical Bionics Inc. develops and produces 3D mechanical joints for applications in prosthetics, robotics and consumer goods.

Current and future products

Refining the Robo-Wrist

A newly refined, more user friendly Robo-Wrist will be available in late December, 2008, or early January 2009. Amputees will appreciate the simplification of adjustment, whereas medical practitioners, prosthetic arm manufacturers and licensed distributors will welcome the ease of assembly and disassembly. A smaller, lighter Robo-Wrist version for women is also planned.


MBI foresees the use of the CIVIC technology for the development of a Robo-Flex Myoelectric Wrist (Robo-Myo-Wrist), which would enable amputees to coordinate normal, lifelike, three dimensional wrist and hand movements in conjunction with existing myoelectric terminal devices. The development of this wrist was proposed for, but not yet realized in DARPA’s Proto 2 Mechatronic Arm designed at John Hopkins University due to funding and time constraints. The wrist of the Proto 2 currently functions in only two dimensions.

Body-activated Robo-Shoulder

At present, no reliable body-activated prosthetic shoulder mechanism is commercially available because of the lack of a suitable joint mechanism. MBI has had intensive discussions with the Swiss National Rehabilitation Hospital to create a partnership to develop a mechanical shoulder using the Robo-Flex PL technology.

Body activated Robo-Elbow

The Swiss National Rehabilitation Hospital has also expressed interest in participating in the development of a new body-activated prosthetic elbow. The incorporation of the Robo-Flex PL technology will produce an elbow mechanism capable of continuous and fluid movement not possible with a sprocket controlled device.