Medical Bionics Inc. develops and produces 3D mechanical joints for applications in prosthetics, robotics and consumer goods.

Technology: Robo-Flex PL

The extensively tested Robo-Flex PL (passive locking) joint technology is ready for implementation into a broad spectrum of mature applications. This technology can be used wherever an object needs to be positioned and/or locked at a specific angle or preferred spatial orientation.

Robo-Flex PL core

Robo-Flex PL technology.



Robo-Flex PL core.

Exclusive Robo-Flex PL Features:

● Unlimited 3D locking positions at any plane or angle
● Self-engaging spring loaded actuator surfaces
● Suitable for 1D, 2D & 3D joint applications
● Instant locking at all locking sites (Manual or electronic control)
● Unequalled locking & weight bearing strength against forces of pitch yaw & roll

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