Medical Bionics Inc. develops and produces 3D mechanical joints for applications in prosthetics, robotics and consumer goods.

Technology: CIVIC

The core of the CIVIC technology.The hybrid Robo-Flex, CIVIC (Continuous Internal Variable Interlocking Concept), can be described as a mechanical 3D gear drive mechanism. This module incorporates complete and CIVIC technology: 3D actuating mechanism (conceptual representation).reliable three dimensional function in a single unit, and can be used for a multitude of robotic applications. CIVIC can be powered through a complete range of locking positions to accurately control the positions of pitch, yaw and roll while maintaining its 3D interlock.

The core of the CIVIC technology.

The May, 2008, special edition of the Scientific American was devoted to the challenge of building the ultimate robot. The articles failed to address the limited dexterity of robotic joint mechanisms currently in use. The robotic wrists of such sophisticated projects as the Mars Spirit Rover, Canadarm 2 and unmanned reconnaissance vehicles are still comprised of three individual, albeit highly complex, unidirectional joint systems to control pitch, yaw and roll. The drawbacks are obvious. Besides extremely high manufacturing and maintenance costs, the controls of these systems are complicated, difficult to synchronize and to operate efficiently. Also, the extreme weight and bulk of these mechanisms must often be a hindrance.

The core of the CIVIC technology.

By contrast, CIVIC could provide a lightweight, compact, single module three dimensional joint ideally suited for the commercial development of specifically engineered robotic applications. CIVIC could revolutionize the robotic joint industry by establishing itself as the only joint technology capable of reproducing real life-like 3D movements with a single, compact joint module. 

Exclusive CIVIC Features:

● 3D mechanical gear drive mechanism
● Continuous 3D interlock
● Reproduces real life-like 3D movements
● Accurately controls movement of pitch, yaw and roll
● Combines three unidirectional joint mechanisms into one ball joint device   
● Complete spherical movement up to 180 degrees on a 360 degree perimeter

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